Food Safety Qualifications


The law requires that all food handlers need to be trained according to their food handling work activities. Should an employee achieve an HABC Food Safety qualification, which is suitable for the work they do, it will assist food business operators in proving that they have displayed due diligence and are therefore compliant in the eyes of the law.

On obtaining an HABC food safety qualification, employees who handle food will gain a firm grasp of the importance of food safety and knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved. Furthermore, they will have the confidence and expertise to deliver quality food safely to customers.

The HABC Food Safety qualifications are intended for anyone working in catering, hospitality or manufacturing settings where food is prepared, cooked, served or produced. Typical environments may include pubs, hotels, restaurants, retail, factories, contract catering, fast-food outlets, hospitals, care and nursing homes, schools, prisons and the armed forces.  HABC qualifications are recognised by enforcement officers, food safety consultants and auditors, and enable any business to demonstrate their commitment to providing safe food and being legally compliant. The level of qualification chosen will depend on the type of food production and the level of responsibility of the food handler.

Devon & Cornwall Training Services delivers the following courses:

HABC Level 2 Award in Food Safety Catering (RQF )

HABC Level 2 Award in  Food Safety Retailing (RQF)

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Safety Catering (RQF)

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Safety Retailing (RQF)

These courses can take place anywhere with in the South West Region, subject to candidate numbers. Please contact us  with your training requirements and we will make suitable arrangements.